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Get your private lessons! Or take a class with your spouse, family or friends. 

I will put on a 16 hour concealed carry course just for your group, with a minimum of five participants. Take my course with family and friends, and enjoy it! 

I provide everything for your use, Glock 19 semi-automatic pistols, holsters, 100 rounds of ammunition, range fees, eye & ear protection, lunch and quality training.

If you chose to have a firearm in your home, I can provide customized and personalized training to meet your families needs. I encourage families who possess firearms in the home to make it a safe firearm environment. I also encourage families to take the curiosity out of firearms for children at an early age and allow them to participate with the family in the shooting sports.

If you have a need, and do not feel confident in instructing family firearm safety, storage, deployment, along with shooting fundamentals, then please call and we can discuss solutions and options. 

"Safety begins with the fundamentals"